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We are a Finnish beverage company originating from Tampere, manufacturing artisan premium-level beverages using the best ingredients available. Our selection includes tea blends, coffees and seasonal beverages, such as glogg and mead (sima). Poikain Parhaat is run by two young men from Tampere, Nikolas Jokisalo and Pertti Hakala. Our mission is to make Finnish flavors available for everyone, we are also using ingredients from the Finnish nature as much as possible.

Our origin story

The story of Poikain Parhaat began in the autumn of 2016 in Tampere, when two young men, Nikolas Jokisalo and Pertti Hakala sat down to have lunch, and started to develop a true handcrafted glogg to sell at a local Christmas market. Surprisingly, the product received lots of interest, and the boys founded their company Poikain Parhaat. During the Christmas season of 2016 the boys made 1300 bottles of glogg in Nikolas's apartment, and delivered the products by car. The idea of Poikain Parhaat is actually older than the company: the first product with a Poikain Parhaat label is a homebrew stout made a few years before Poikain Parhaat was founded. The idea for the brew and the name was born at Hakala family's cottage sauna located in Luusniemi. There was 60 bottles made of this brew, of which there is still one bottle left sitting at our shelf.

The Boys

The boys leading Poikain Parhaat are Nikolas Jokisalo, who's been an entrepreneur almost his whole life, and Pertti Hakala, who's equipped with a professional chef's degree.


Product development manager

In the age of 20, Pertti moved from his hometown Jyväskylä to Tampere. There he studied to be a professional chef and graduated two years later. Passion for the high-quality ingredients born during the school years leads the product development of Poikain Parhaat, of which Pertti is in response as the company’s product development manager.



Tampere-born and raised Nikolas founded his first company in the age of 9, and has been honing his entrepreneur skills since then, basically all his life. The experience-given ability to lead and manage.

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