Finland Tea Series

Finland Tea Series brings you real Finnish flavors in form of tea! All of the tea blends in this category are flavored with Finnish ingredients without any artificial flavorings. The blends are made by hand in our small factory located in Tullintori, Tampere, Finland.

Smoke Sauna

Smoke Sauna is a full-bodied, smoky but still soft black tea blend flavored with Finnish birch leaf. Perfect for one that enjoys a warm smoky taste.

Evening Sky

This tea blend uses our unique combination of oolong tea and green tea as a base, and is flavored with Finnish red berries. The result is a soft yet nuanced tea that gives off a beautiful pink infusion.

Countryside Tea

This strong and vivid black tea-based tea blend is flavored with Finnish apple and fennel seeds, and brings you the feeling of real Finnish countryside!


This green tea blend is flavored with Finnish peppermint, and works like a cold winter morning! It’s tangy, fresh and refreshing!

Flower Field

Flower Field is a caffeine free tea blend in which we’ve used green rooibos as a base and spiced it with Finnish meadowsweet and fireweed. This smooth tea experience is full of beautiful and nuanced flavors and scents!

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