Our Lemonades are made by hand in small batches, bottled and capped one bottle at a time. As ingredients we only use the best Finnish juices from our respected suppliers. Our lemonades are filtered only once to create an authentic and full-bodied flavor that you just have to come back for! No artificial flavors or colors included!

Blackcurrant Lemonade

Our blackcurrant lemonade tastes just like grandmas juice in a soft drink form! In this drink the sweet and acidic are in a perfect balance together, creating a fulfilling taste experience for a lemonade lover to enjoy!

Apple Lemonade

Our apple lemonade is made from carefully selected Finnish apple juices, and the result speaks for itself: a light, fresh yet full of the authentic taste of Finnish apple.

Lingonberry Lemonade

Our lingonberry lemonade works perfectly when sipped from a nice sunny terrace or when accompanied with food. The Finnish lingonberry presents a beautiful acidic flavor world and a deep red color!

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