Origin Coffees

Our Origin Coffees showcase the best coffees from single countries of origin, carefully selected to match our expectations of a wonderful coffee experience. All of the coffees in this category are available as ground and bean versions.

Brazil Fazenda Lagoa

This lightly roasted coffee is a soft and smooth coffee with a hint of sweetness on a side note. A perfect sipping coffee for Finnish taste. These Brazilian coffee beans are hand-picked and dried in the sun. (Roast level 1/5)

Peru Tunki

This semi roasted coffee brings you a full palate of flavors. You can spot a hint of chocolate in the taste and then enjoy the long and pleasant aftertaste. This coffee is grown in the small estates located in the Southern side of The Andes by the local Indian tribes. (Roast level 2,5/5)

Kenya Kiundi

Kenya Kiundi is a dark roasted fulfilling coffee offering fruity notes with a hint of berries. This coffee also represents the sophisticated acidity characteristic in Kenyan coffees. (Roast level 3/5)

Ruanda Baru

This personal dark roasted coffee introduces you to a fruity tastes which after a while give room for the soft and fulfilling aftertaste. This coffee originating from Nyamagabe, South Ruanda, grows in low temperatures in altitudes around 2km, which makes possible for the nuanced tastes of the coffee to develop. (Roast level 4,5/5)

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