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Celebration Gloggs are slightly better gloggs which represent the beauty of Finnish nature through varies of different Finnish juices and the interesting spice combinations accompanying them! Perfect for the celebration and the luxury of an ordinary day! No artificial flavors or colors included!

Our Artisan Gloggs are real Finnish gloggs made from Finnish blackcurrant juice. These recipes were the first ones we ever created! No artificial flavors or colors included!

Our Lemonades are made by hand in small batches, bottled and capped one bottle at a time. As ingredients we only use the best Finnish juices from our respected suppliers. Our lemonades are filtered only once to create an authentic and full-bodied flavor that you just have to come back for! No artificial flavors or colors included!

Our Real Iced Teas are a summer drink to match! We brew our iced teas with real tea leaves and finish the product with actual lemon juice. Our iced tea selection has three traditional flavors available: Green Iced Tea made using Chinese green teas, Black Iced Tea which is brewed from Indian black teas and caffeine-free Rooibos Iced Tea made with rooibos tea from Africa. This easy to use bottle is perfect to take to the beach with or to be enjoyed at a summer barbeque!

Seasons Tea Collection includes four seasons of the year-themed high-quality tea blends: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, all of which offer unique and interesting flavors of the seasons represented. Obviously all of the teas in this collection can be enjoyed all year round!

Finland Tea Series is filled with pure Finnish moods in the form of tea! All of the blends in the series are flavored with ingredients gathered from the Finnish nature, such as wild herbs, flowers and berries. Finland Tea Series includes: birch leaf-flavored Smoke Sauna, red berries-flavored Evening Sky, meadowseet-flavored Flower Field, peppermint-flavored Gunpowder and apple and fennel-flavored Countryside Tea. These blends are also free of artificial flavors.

Our Origin Series offers high-quality single-origin coffees from around the world! All of the coffees presented in the series offer a unique taste experience for a better coffee moment. You can find the following coffees from our Origin Series: Brazil Fazenda Lagoa (roast level 1/5), Peru Tunki (roast level 2,5/5), Kenya Kiundi (roast level 3/5) and Ruanda Baru (roast level 4,5/5). All of our Origin Coffees are available both ground and in whole bean versions.

Our Flavor-Series has everything you need for a sweet coffee moment! All of these flavored coffees use 100% arabica coffee as a base and are roasted accordingly to achieve the most fitting flavor for the high quality aromas. Flavors available in this series are the mellow Cream Chocolate (roast level 2/5), pleasantly nuanced Chocolate Orange (roast level 1/5), chili kick-delivering Chili-Chocolate and the deliciously nutty Hazelnut (roast level 2,5/5)

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