We are a Finnish beverage company originating from Tampere, manufacturing artisan premium-level beverages using the best ingredients available. Our selection includes tea blends, coffees and seasonal beverages, such as glogg and mead (sima). Poikain Parhaat is run by two young men from Tampere, Nikolas Jokisalo and Pertti Hakala. Our mission is to make Finnish flavors available for everyone, we are also using ingredients from the Finnish nature as much as possible. Click to read more!

Pertti Hakala​

Nikolas Jokisalo​

Pure Finnish flavors. Our selection has something for every moment: tea blends, coffees both flavored and unflavored, gloggs and others drinks! Click to read more!

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Poikain Parhaat Oy Ltd

  • Tullikatu 6, 33100 Tampere
  • poikainparhaat@gmail.com
  • 050 430 9611
3 months ago
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