Inspired by Nature

Pure and natural Poikain products are born from our love of the pure Finnish nature.

Finnish berries, herbs and flowers are the focal point of our production. Great ingredients do not need aromas, artificial flavors or colors. In our products you will taste the real, pure flavor, altered as little as possible.

100% Finnish origin

We get our 100% Finnish berry juices from our Finnish partners, mostly directly from smallholder farms. Our herbs and flowers are wild herbs, hand-picked by independent pickers, or grown for our company.

Some ingredients can be traced back all the way to the person who picked them!

By choosing Poikain products you can be assured of the high quality and standard of the pure Finnish ingredients.

In addition, you will support Finnish craftmanship – all our products are made from start to finish in Tampere, for the lovers of natural pure flavors.

Out of love for the pure ingredients

Finnish nature is full of unlocked potential and incredible inspiration! Not even half of our ideas are in production and new ideas arise every day.
A product's journey from inspiration till the finished product on the shelves is long, and it takes countless of hours of product planning. We are working hard to ensure that our ideas will be available to the consumers.

We at Poikain Parhaat create all our products with passion for the craft and love for the pure ingredients and authentic flavors.

Best flavors, from the best ingredients.
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